De laatste smurfenbeurs is op zondag 25 november
in De Schalm, Oranjelaan 10, De Meern

Every year, The Dutch Smurf Collectors Foundation (DSCF)/ “Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars” organizes some smurf collectors fairs in the Netherlands. This year we are looking forward to the following smurf fairs:

  • Sunday 18 of march 2018 (“Café Bij Bas” in Wagenberg, near Breda)
  • Sunday 24 of june 2018 ( office in Leerdam, near Utrecht)
  • Sunday 2 september 2018 (“Café Bij Bas” in Wagenberg, near Breda)
  • Sunday 25 november 2018 (“Cultureel centrum de Schalm” De Meern, near Utrecht)

Wagenberg: Café Bij Bas”, Dorpsstraat 26, 4845 CE Wagenberg, The Netherlands
De Meern: “Cultureel centrum de Schalm”, Oranjelaan 10, 3454 BT De Meern, The Netherlands
Leerdam:, Energieweg 15(15-Z), 4143 HK, Leerdam, The Netherlands

Table reservation:
Do you want to sell your smurfs at one of the Dutch smurf collectors fairs organized by ‘De Stichting van Smurfenverzamelaars’? Don’t hesitate to e-mail us ( for further information or table reservations. We can help you to make a reservation on one of these fairs (from 15 euro a table).

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