Before you lies the information leaflet of the Dutch foundation of smurf collectors. We have supporters in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Great-Britain and everywhere the mailman comes.


What can the foundation do for you?

Four times a year we send you a newsletter, in Dutch, but the most important information will be translated in English. And if you wish we can translate more for you. In the newsletter you will find information about new smurfs, smurfing events, letters and free advertising.

A couple of times a year we organise meetings, where you can swap or sell your doubles and buy what you need of smurfy things. These meetings are usually held in De Meern near Utrecht and Wagenberg or other locations.

Every year they still release new Smurfs! There are more than 800 different models now! And more smurf-merchandising than you can imagine. It is possible to order the newest smurfs through the foundation  and more often than not we have extra offers on special smurfs…

There are over 1500 smurf enthousiast in Holland and Belgium, we meet them at fairs and fleamarkets. Out of those almost 400  support our foundation, mostly grown-ups, from all parts of the world. The newsletter is due to appear every third month en we love it when the readers write us their stories and send us advertisements (free advertising for our supporters, due to regulations on postage it is not allowed to put prices in your ads) and smurfy clippings.

How to become a supporter:

The donation is € 15,00 a year, if you live outside Holland!. You can send the money to our bankaccount: IBAN: NL93INGB0002803683…..BIC: INGBNL2A     Stichting van smurfenverzamelaars, Rozenburg. Or contact Jacqueline for PayPal information.

Please state that you are a new supporter with full name and address. We can also arrange for you to pay your donation at one of our meetings.

If you want to be a supporter for another year, pay before the 31st of january of the new year.

If you want to send money, get more information or change address, write to:

Jacqueline Dragt

Staartmolen 27

4133 GA Vianen


tel. (0)347-752323


She is also the translator of the newsletter.

Please visit our website for any breaking news and pictures taken at our meetings

3e beurs op 24 november 2019: “Cultureel centrum de Schalm”, Oranjelaan 10, 3454 BT De Meern

2e beurs op 23 juni 2019:, Energieweg 15(15-Z), 4143 HK, Leerdam

1e beurs op 24 maart 2019: Café Bij Bas”, Dorpsstraat 26, 4845 CE Wagenberg